Given that we sell climate inspired artwork, we take our responsibility to create a climate friendly and sustainable business seriously. We also know that all the sustainability challenges in the home décor industry don’t have a quick fix.

While we do our best to support vendors and suppliers that believe in changing the status quo, we are always open to suggestions. If you have any ideas on how we can do something better, please drop us a line.

Here's how we are making an impact right now...

100% Carbon Neutral Website

Climate Inspired is built using the ecommerce platform Shopify. To run an online shop like this you need servers which are housed in data centers. Data centers have historically been a big source of greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2018, Shopify decommissioned all of their own data servers and shifted entirely to Google Cloud - the most sustainable and climate friendly cloud provider. Google matches 100% of the energy consumed by Google Cloud with renewable energy, enabling Shopify to run a completely carbon-neutral platform.

Learn more about sustainability and climate at Shopify.

100% Carbon Neutral Shipping

All deliveries are carbon neutral using the highest standard available. We help fund climate solutions like ocean-based removal and direct air capture to remove carbon from the atmosphere and store it for 1000+ years.

This is in contrast to solutions like planting trees or soil carbon storage, which may only store carbon for a few decades. While less expensive to implement, these shorter term solutions are at risk of succumbing to wildfires, which undo the carbon removal efforts. We believe there are no shortcuts when it comes to climate change.

Shopify Planet helps make shipments carbon-neutral by funding innovative companies that pull carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the atmosphere and store it.

Learn more about Shopify Planet and our commitment to the climate.

Sustainable Artwork

Not only are all our products sustainably packaged and shipped, but everything is made to order which reduces overproduction waste.

Thin Canvas

For our canvas wall art products, we use a thinner frame than is typical. We use a 0.75 inch frame depth instead of the standard 1.5 inch. This reduces the amount of raw wood material used for the frame by 50%. It also makes it lighter to ship.

Each art piece is printed on textured and fade-resistant, OBA-free polyester and cotton blend canvas. The canvas is manually stretched over a warp-resistant pine wood frame sourced from Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.